A student garlanding the Mahatma

Mahatma Gandhi Institute 
Mahatma Gandhi Avenue
Telegraphic Address: Mahatma Gandhi Institute 
Phone Nos: 403 2000
Fax No: (230) 433 2235

Departments and Contacts
Principal Office Holders
School of Indian Studies
School of Indian Music and Fine Arts
School of Mauritian, Asian and African Studies
Other Departments and Services


Mahatma Gandhi Institute - Moka, Republic of Mauritius
Tel.(230) 403 2000 Fax - (230) 433 2235



Principal Office Holders 


Mr. R. Dwarka


Mr. J. L. R. Putty

Director (Schooling)

Mr. J. L. R. Putty


Dr. (Mrs) V. Koonjal


Mr. S. G. Motah

Assistant Registrar

Mrs. U. D. Kowlesser

School of Indian Studies


Heads of Departments

Dr. P. Tiroumalechetty, Associate Professor
Department of Languages


Mr. G. Rashpassing (Representative of the Department)
Department of Publications and Creative Writing


Dr. P.S. Roodurmun, Senior Lecturer/Head
Department of Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy & Hindu Theology



School of Ind. Music & Fine Art

Mrs. S. Mungur, Senior Lecturer/Head 
Department of Indian Music and Dance

Mrs. M. Ramyead, Senior Lecturer/Head
Department of Fine Arts



Dr. (Ms) N. Gopauloo
Centre for Mauritian Studies

 Miss S. Ramdin, Senior Lecturer/Head
Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore & Oral Traditions

Mrs. J Kon Kam Kin, Lecturer/Ag. Head
Department of Chinese Studies

Other Departments & Services


Mrs. I. Padaruth,  Senior Lecturer/Head
Centre for Performing Arts

Mr. S. K. Pudaruth,  Lecturer/Coordinator
Distance Education and E-Learning Unit

Mrs. G. Ramyad, Senior Lecturer/Head
Department of Extra Mural Studies and Distance Education

Mr. D. Cahoolessar, Ag. Head
Library and Archives

Mrs. S. D.  Chengalrayen-Frederic, Head
Department of Publishing and Printing

Mr. L. Mungur, Head
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Mahatma Gandhi Institute - Moka, Republic of Mauritius
Tel.(230) 403 2000 Fax - (230) 433 2235