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The Mahatma Gandhi Institute Library was set up in 1975. At present, it is Our Libraryhoused in the School of Mauritian, Asian and African Studies (SMAAS) Building.Its aim is to provide library facilities for all those interested in the cultural, political, economic and social development of the country.  It caters for the needs of students, researchers and the public. The Mahatma Gandhi Institute Library has a total collection of about 87,000 books in the following languages :  English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Mandarin.

Fields of specialisation
Special Collections

Fields of specialisation
General Reference Fine Arts & Sculpture Linguistics 
Indian Philosophy Literature Languages
Indian Religions Indian Music & Dance Indian Sociology & History


Special Collections
· Mauritiana
· Gandhiana
· Nehru
· Tagore


Students of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, University students, Research Scholars, Academics and General Public.

The total number of books in the Library Collection till the 18th December 2003 is as follows:

English and French 49150
Hindi 24718
Tamil 5225
Telugu 6180
Urdu 5732
Marathi 3792
Mandarin 1189

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