Music, Dance, Fine Arts...

The activities of the School of Music and Dance cGroup dancereated as a joint venture of the Governments of India and Mauritius in 1964 and incorporated with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in 1971, as well as those of the Department of Fine Arts, the Department of Extra Mural Studies (1982) and the Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore & Oral Traditions (1983), have had a definite impact on the cultural life of the country at large. 

Students attending a lecture in Fine ArtsThe Department of Fine Arts through workshops and non-award courses has made the Fine Arts accessible to the youth of Mauritius and Rodrigues. 

The Salon de Mai, held annually and regrouping the works of Mauritian artists, is now a landmark in the national calendar of artistic activities.  The four departments have also had an impact regionally through exchange programmes with neighbouring countries. 

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