The Mahatma Gandhi Institute Press operates as any other University Press. This allows the MGI to bring out research work and other publications at a subsidized cost. The Press has also made signiPrinting and Publishingficant contribution to the activities of socio-cultural organisations, governmental and non-governmental organisations.  Regular publications include Vasant, a Hindi magazine;  Rimjhim, a children's magazine; the Journal of Mauritian Studies;  Rencontres, research work brought out by MGI scholars and works in Mauritian History and Literature.  The Press is multi-lingual as it meets the MGI requirements in printing research material in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi, besides English and French. 

Contact Person :  Mrs. S. Chengalrayen-Frederic
                              Head, Department of Publishing and Printing


Mahatma Gandhi Institute - Moka, Republic of Mauritius
Tel.(230) 403 2000 Fax - (230) 433 2235