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Secondary Level Education

"Students are the Makers of the Future" - Mahatma Gandhi

MGI Secondary School

Secondary education has been a responsibility of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute from its very inception. The Mahatma Gandhi Institute Secondary School started in 1975, with the late Dr. K. Hazareesingh as Director of the Institute.  Mr. B. Gopaul, seconded by the Ministry of Education to act as Officer- in- chargeThe Secondary School premises of the Secondary School.  The Secondary School welcomed its first batch of students in January 1975 examination - 105 boys and girls.  The students were selected on the basis of the junior scholarship results.  The school has pioneered teaching at secondary level in such areas as Hinduism, Islamic Studies, Indian Culture, Oriental Languages and Music and Dance, which are today widely taught in other schools of Mauritius.  In 2003, the Mahatma Gandhi Institiute Secondary School has a student population of 774.  The school has so far produced 21 Laureates. 

The percentage at the S.C and H.S.C for the year 2002:

S.C: 98.5%
H.S.C: 90.4 %

School Population

The school population for the schools under Mahatma Gandhi Institiute's responsibility is summarised in the table below:
School Boys Girls Total
Mahatma Gandhi Institute Secondary School 397 429 826
Mahatma Gandhi Secondary School (Moka) 57 52 109
Mahatma Gandhi Secondary School (Flacq) 75 67 142
Mahatma Gandhi Secondary School (Solferino) 36 66 105
Rabindranath Tagore Secondary School 53 49 102

Specificity of the Secondary School

Gandhian Basic School

Students at workThe Gandhian Basic School set up in 1984, aims at embodying the Gandhian sense of social justice as well as the Gandhian principles of basic education.  It provides 
a craft-oriented education which 
is fully integrated in the economic 
and social milieu of its environment 
and thus offers an alternative model of education to those who cannot succeed in the formal system. 

These two departments of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute dedicated to secondary education, have meant to make a difference in the way knowledge and skills are imparted. 

Contact Person :Mr. L. Mungur - Head, Gandhian Basic School

Mahatma Gandhi Institute - Moka, Republic of Mauritius
Tel.(230) 403 2000 Fax - (230) 433 2235