Unique Opportunities

While all educational institutions have a duty to develop overall human qualities in the Educationyouth they have to train, MGI seems to be uniquely placed to contribute to developing and nurturing those humane values which  can  bring about an enlightened diversity.  The MGI engages in educational and cultural activities at different levels, from post-primary education and secondary education to the tertiary level, and through formal as well as non-formal education. 

It has benefited from the exceptional qualities of two directors, Dr. K. Hazareesing, the first Director, an eminent personality with a long career in administration, had the drive to realise the vision of the founding fathers.  Mr. U. Bissoondoyal, an educatiSitar performance by studentsonist, who first thought of a Gandhi Memorial College, was called upon to continue and strengthen the activities of what had become the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.

In addition, the Government of India has initiated action to strengthen the field of Indian Studies and Gandhian Studies at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute and to help younger members of staff in their academic pursuit through the Jawaharlal Nehru Chair of Indian Studies and the Chair of Gandhian Studies.

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute has developed over the years an integrative programme of enhancement of skills, knowledge and attitudes for a newer, richer, caring Mauritius. 

Mahatma Gandhi Institute - Moka, Republic of Mauritius
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