B.A. (Hons) Indian Philosophy with Education**

Programme Duration
3 years Part-time 
 (6 semesters)
 5 years Part-time
(10 semesters)

Entry Requirements
In accordance with University Regulations for admission to a degree course.


INPH 1110 Philosophy of the Vedas
INPH 1120 Philosophy of the Upanishads
INPH 1230 Philosophy of the Ramayana
INPH 1270 Philosophy of Shaivism and Shaktism
INPH 2140 Philosophy of the Heterodox Schools
INPH 2150 Philosophy of the Nyaya/Vaisheshika
INPH 2250 Philosophy of Sankhya/Yoga
INPH 2260 Vedanta Philosophy
INPH 3130 Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita
INPH 3170 Contemporary Indian Philosophy
INPH 3280 Pedagogy - Methodology of Teaching Indian Philosophy
INPH 3290 Curriculum and Evaluation
INPH 3000 Dissertation

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