Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore & Oral Traditions

There is today an increasing awareness that orality and literacy are not separable categories but poles of a complex continuum. 

The Second World Bhojpuri Convention  - Feb. 2000The Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore and Oral Traditions acts as a guide in research, scholarship and cultural activities pertaining to folk studies and oral tradition. 
It attempts to foster an interdisciplinary growth of this little known and complex field which depends upon the older and more defined areas of literary studies, anthropology, folklore, linguistics, and other areas, and which touches on several language traditions of the country. 

It preserves and promotes the multi-cultural heritage of this country through research, cultural activities and collections.

The Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore and Oral Traditions includes the Folk Museum of Indian Immigration, which is an outreach section of the Department focussing on Indian Immigration. 

 Its mission is to advance and enrich knowledge, carry out an exhaustive collection of data and artifacts so that the Museum can better serve its public and more effectively fulfill its mission.  Through programmes, exhibitions and publications, the Museum provides the forum for encouraging further the mission of the Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore and Oral Traditions, which is mainly to disseminate knowledge related to Indian culture and traditions.

The Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore and Oral Traditions owns today a significant collection of cultural research materials of the country, including archival recordings of folk music, life histories, some rare archival documentation of oral literature of the country, video documentaries featuring the occupational folklife and oral histories, manuscripts, sound and video recordings, still photographs, and related ephemera.

The Department aims at creating community-based quality research projects, reference aids for studying traditional culture and cultural programmes for the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in the form of publications, concerts and audio-visual programmes relating to folk traditions of the country.

Future Plans

It will initiate within the School of Mauritian Studies, filed research related to folk studies and oral traditions and assist ethnographic researchers in these areas.

The Department will act as an international forum for scholarly discussions in the field.

The Department will create an annual Journal of Oral Tradition in order to address a clear need in this area of study in Mauritius.

The Department will need to operate and maintain the following facilities :

Research at the Department of Bhojpuri, Folklore and Oral Traditions

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