Centre for Mauritian and Comparative Cultural Studies

The Centre for Mauritian Studies  as an emanation of the School of Mauritian, Asian and African Studies,a constituent school of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, consists of a team of researchers in Mauritian studies whose disciplinary orientation has been in History, Geography, Anthropology and Literature, with some researchers having multi-disciplinary training.  To provide stronger interdisciplinary grounding and to further the logic of locating Mauritian Studies within a broader framework of studies, the Centre will henceforth be known as the Centre for Mauritian and Comparative Cultural Studies.  The School of Mauritian, Asian and African Studies

To actualise its mission, the Centre for Mauritian and Comparative Cultural Studies has  a research agenda in  -

  •  Immigration and Settlement, Migration and Diaspora Studies;
  • Mauritian and Comparative Literature, and Translation Studies;
  • Contemporary Societies, and Development Studies

It disseminates research findings through MGI publications,  joint publications with local and foreign publishers, as well as through contributions of its members to specialised publications in their areas of interest.

It has developed and runs modular courses, servicing undergraduate programmes in Fine Arts and Oriental Languages offered by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, in collaboration with the University of Mauritius.

The immediate plans of the Centre include the development of undergraduate and post-graduate degree courses in its areas of specialisation.  It will also continue to ensure social and cultural enrichment through its outreach programme.

Researchers and their areas of interests

(DEA en Littérature et Civilisation Francaises, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III)

Areas of interest:  Literature, Press, Immigration, Diaspora(Indian), Translation, History, Society, Culture, Creative writing.

Email Address: vproag@dove.uom.ac.mu

GOPAULOO Nagamah (Head)
(Doctorat en Sciences Sociales (Geographie and Anthropologie)- Mention Ocean Indien, Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales)

Areas of Interest: Immigration & Settlement, Society and Culture in Small Communities, Marchés, Sociétés et Développemt de Rodrigues.

Email Address: indnag@intnet.mu

(Doctorat <<d'Etat>> de Littérature Francaise, Université Paul Valéry, Monpellier, France)

Areas of Interest: Mauritian Literature, Rodrigues

Email Address: centrems@intnet.mu

JAHANGEER-CHOJOO Amenah (on leave)
(Doctorat de Géographie Tropicale, Universitéde Bordeaux III )

Area of Interest: South Asian Diasporas, Muslim Studies, General Geographical research including Geomorphology, tourism, Land Ownership and Use.

Email Address: amkad@intnet.mu

NG FOONG KWONG James Ng Kwet Fong
(DEA en Histoire, Université de la Réunion)

Area of Interest: History of Mauritius, Diasporic Studies

Email Address: centrems@intnet.mu

PANYANDEE Sitradeven
(DEA en Anthropologie Sociale et Ethnologie, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris)

Areas of Interest: Asian Trading and Social Mobility, Translation of documents on Dutch Colonisation of Mauritius from Old Dutch into English. Rodrigues et les Rodriguais.

Email Address: centrems@intnet.mu


Modules offered by the Centre for Mauritian Studies

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