Diploma in Hindi/Urdu/Tamil/Telugu/Marathi Studies/Mandarin

This Diploma programme is specially designed to meet demands in areas such as teaching, creative writing, the services, media and public relations.  Apart from providing for the acquisition of higher competence in Language and Literature, the programme  also offers opportunities to acquire insight into interesting areas as Mauritian Studies, Indian Philosophy, Fine arts, Performing Arts, English and French through a dynamic ‘Language and Literature’ programme.

Programme Organisation

Duration:  3 years part-time
The programme covers 1200 hours inclusive of tutorial and study period.

Study Programme

The Diploma is made up of 19 modules distributed as follows:

Language – 5 modules
General Linguistics and Linguistic structure of the language.
Language Practice
Use of Language
Further language practice and translation

Students are expected to carry out a research on a topic related to Language/Linguistics and produce a long essay of about 3,000 words.

Literature – 8 modules

Introduction to the literature of the language, literary criticism and appreciation
The short story
Poetry I
Poetry II
The Novel
Special study of an author/a period (This will count for 2 modules)

Pedagogy  - 2 modules

2 modules from Mauritian Studies
one in English/French Language and Literature and
one from:
    Fine Arts
    Performing Arts
    Indian Philosophy

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