Department of Indian Music & Dance

The Department of Indian Music and Dance was set up under the School of Indian Music and Fine Arts in 1975 to probe further into the different expressions of Indian Culture.  Today, it has established itself as a department operating up to the Tertiary level for the promotion of Music and Dance.  It contA Sitar classributes to the world of Performing Arts, both at national and international levels. 
In its thrust to explore the multi-faceted 'Ame Mauricienne', the Department offers a variety of courses to provide students with the opportunity to discover and experiment with the sophisticated rules of classical forms of Indian Music and Dance and to reflect on the multiple aspects of Mauritian cultural life.  Courses are run from basic to tertiary level.
Workshops, seminars and recitals by local and visiting artists of international repute are part of the overall training of students of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in the Performing Arts. 

  The Department has also helped project the pluricultural Mauritius by initiating activities that bring interaction of east, west and local musical instruments.  It also contributes to the cultural life of the country by helping the socio-cultural organisations during their cultural events.  Members of staff regularly participate in major performances undertaken by the Institute on such occasions as National Day Celebrations, National festivals and International Conferences.

Programmes offered by the Department of Indian Music and Dance