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Established by a Parliament Act in 1970, The MGI Secondary Schoolthe Mahatma Gandhi Institute was inaugurated on 9th October 1976, by Dr. the Right Hon. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, Prime Minister of Mauritius and Srimati Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, as a joint venture.  They both shared the vision that the Mahatma Gandhi Institute would become a centre for the promotion of Indian Languages, tradition and cultuMrs. Indira Gandhi - Inaugural  Ceremonyre on the Mauritian soil.

The objectives behind the creation of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute were :

-    to establish, as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, a centre for study of Indian culture and traditions, and
-    to promote education and culture, in general.

Thus,  responding to both central policy decisions and to popular aspiration, the Institute has brought Indian Studies, especially Indian Languages and Performing Arts into the mainstream of Mauritian education.

The creation of the School of Mauritian, Asian and African Studies within the Mahatma Gandhi Institute meant to bring to fruition the long term vision of the makers of modern Mauritius to achieve an exemplary synthesis for a country which draws from the rich and diverse heritage of major world civilisations. The commitment to Mauritian Studies as a multi-disciplinary area, with a multi-cultural underpinning has given concrete shape to this philosophy of interactive pluralism. The Mahatma Gandhi Institute is rightly viewed today as a meeting ground for cultures.

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